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Kratky Gro is a user-friendly website dedicated to beginner gardeners. Our site has information about the Kratky hydroponic method, and how to get set up and started growing food in your home. We offer growing tips, tricks, and assorted visual learning video links to help you to grow food in your home. We are here to help!


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February 15, 2024

What is The Kratky Method?

Growing produce 

The Kratky method is a hydroponic growing method discovered by B. A. Kratky, an Emeritus Horticulturist at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. The Kratky process is a passive hydroponic technique for growing plants. The plants are placed in a net cup and are suspended above a nutrient-enriched water reservoir. This method is a non-circulating approach. It does not require any use of an air pump, air stone, electricity, added oxygen, or any other electrical or manual equipment. It would be best to have a big enough reservoir filled with water and the correct amount of added nutrients. Once the pool runs dry, your plant is ready for harvest. The Kratky method is perfect for commercial and genuine backyard hobbyists, and it requires very low maintenance.

What is the Best Growing Medium for the Kratky method?

First of all, let us define what a Growing medium is? In traditional gardening, the growing medium is a soil-like substance that supports a plant's roots as it continues to grow. The soil-like substance usually has organic-rich nutrients that continue to feed the plant until it reaches full maturity. In hydroponic gardening, the growing -medium can be pretty much anything that can support a plant's roots. Some of the most popular types of growing mediums are Rockwool, Cocopeat or Coco coir, Hydroton clay pellets, Perlite, Oasis cubes, Sure to Grow, Starter plugs, Growstones, and Gravel, just to name a few. I will add a page to show you the different types of growing mediums. 

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Is the Kratky Method Organic?

The Kratky method is considered Organic!

What is considered Organic Gardening? Or better yet, what is Certified Organic Gardening? According to the National Organic Program, to be certified organic, a garden must meet a set of stringent rules. Some of the guidelines for growing produce are aimed at a minimum impact on the environment. They say here that a natural supply of nutrients is delivered to the plant by microorganisms and other environmental-friendly pest and disease control methods. For the backyard hobbyist, organic gardening is growing plants without harsh chemicals and dangerous pesticides.  

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What are the Best Nutrients for Growing the Kratky Way?

What are the Best Nutrients?

There are hundreds of brands of nutrients on the market today. How do you choose the right brand for you? You can spend hours researching the internet for the proper nutrients for your plants.  The bottom line is that everyone can give you their opinion on the nutrients that they use and why they like their brand. I have found out that you need to experiment with different brands until you find the best brand that suits your needs. 

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What is the Best Size Container To Grow In?

What Size Container Do I Need?

The size of the container will vary depending on what type of plant you are trying to grow. If you are interested in growing a lettuce plant, from my successful experience I recommend that you should use a container that holds at least one gallon of nutrient-enriched solutions. This one-gallon size is perfect for putting your plant on auto grow mode. 

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How to Get Started with the Kratky Method?

How to Get Started!

If you are new to hydroponics and the Kratky Method, then you have come to the right place. The Kratky Method is a passive growing method. I like to call it the lazy person method. The Kratky method is also a low-cost method and you can probably find all the materials you need to start growing with the Kratky right in your home.  The only cost involved with the Kratky Method is the seeds, the growing medium, and the nutrients.

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